Self Serve Wash

We Provide:

  • Waist high tubs

  •  Foaming Face Wash

  • Organic shampoos/conditioners - your choice of:

            Lavender Neem
            Hypo Allergenic
            Odor Eliminator

            Honey Oat Conditioner

            Flea Shampoo (additional charge applies)

  • Brushes & Combs

  • Towels

  • Air dryers (no heat)

  • Aprons (kid sizes too!)

  • Nail Clippers


Small Dogs  or Cat  $12.00

Med/Large/XL Dogs  $17.00

Newly adopted/ rescued dogs & cats - 50% off first wash


Special Prices (with proper ID)

Puppies in Training $10

Service Dogs $10



Dogs with a thick undercoat $3

Flea Shampoo $2

Nail Clipping* w/ Self Serve Bath $5

Nail Clipping* $10

*Subject to groomer availability


You Provide

The dirty dog (or cat!)