Full Service Grooming

Full Service Grooming available by appointment only Tuesday thru Sunday 8:30am - 2:30pm
Call to book your appointment. 562-377-1360

Services include:

  • Bath
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Clean
  • Sanitary trim
  • Flea bath additional $5
  • Dematting fee $10**
    • **(dematting will only be done at discretion of groomer, if dog is highly matted it will be shaved for the comfort of the dog. Owner will be advised if this is necessary)
  • De-shed additional $10
  • Face trim only $10
  • Nail trim only $10
  • Small dogs under 20 lbs (bath and nail trim only) $30.00
  • Cats - (bath and nail trim) $40.00
Our full service dog grooming prices start at $45.00 but are based upon the size of dog, coat condition and attitude of the dog. We can give you a general price range over the phone (i.e. $45-$55) but a better estimate is made when we see the dog in person.


We are not a daycare facility or playground for the dogs. We feel it is in the best interest and safety for all the dogs/cats to be crated before and after they are groomed. Please bring cats in a carrier.


We use high velocity and cage dryers, none of these have heating elements so there is no risk of overheating the dog/cat. Some dogs/cats do not react well to the high velocity dryers so we will utilize the cage dryers to make it easier for them.