Meet Our Inspirations


Japanese for intelligent. Raised for Guide Dogs of America, while in formal training he chose his own path, the one that led him back home. From the time he entered this world he always had something to say and as a kindred soul he thinks he can talk to humans. It is for this reason he is our “Chairman of The Bark”.


This beautiful Golden Retriever can easily be picked out of the crowd (just look for the one carrying a shoe in his mouth) thus he has earned the title, “Vice President of Shoe Thievery”. Tanner was also raised for Guide Dogs of America but had to be career changed due to elbow dysplasia and is now a walking testament to the wonders of stem cell therapy.


Executive Vice President of ZZZzzen. Retired from work as a Guide Dog, he is currently working towards Nirvana, one nap at a time.


She was adopted from the Seal Beach Animal Shelter and is, according to her DNA test, part Greyhound with some German Shepherd & Labrador thrown in for fun. A certified mutt, she dislikes getting a bath but loves to roll in the dirt AFTER getting clean. Suki is our “Treasurer of the Treats” (did somebody say treat?)


Affectionately known as Muffinhead, he is a recently retired stud dog for Guide Dogs of America. He may be retired but is still quite busy taking “K9 Nose Work” classes like his brother, Hayes – check it out!